Vanilla visa prepaid card: Recreating The Way of Shopping

Summary: Vanilla visa prepaid card not only makes the payment convenient but also provide cash backs.

A vanilla visa prepaid card covers all aspects wherever a visa card is accepted. The use of this card is pretty simple just swipe the magnetic strip present on the card in the swipe machine at the time of payment. At the end a receipt has to be signed. Once a payment is made, the amount for which you make payment gets deducted from leftover balance. A notification message pops up regarding the balance left each time the card has been used. You can use these till the last penny of the main balance but once it gets zero cards cannot be used further. So, the user must ensure the balance before making any payment.

Gift Card Balance

The information containing the user’s name, mobile number, address and e-mail id has to be provided to the local online or offline merchants so, that this information can be transferred to the financial institution by whom it is being issued.  In case a person is willing to purchase it online, online websites are also available for these cards. The registration of the card plays a very crucial role. In addition to this, it is mandatory to provide personal details in order to get identification from the online or offline merchants. If a consumer is not identified the card cannot be issued even with availability of sufficient funds.

These can be used as a gift if a person is not able to purchase a suitable gift for his loved ones and later on they can purchase gift according to their desires. On the occasions like birthdays, promotions and anniversaries these card proves to be the perfect gift .Due to their convenience these are perfect blend of excitement and cheerfulness.

These are not limited to some particular occasions only but can be used over several aspects of life. If a person is having children who are planning to go outside for their further studies then these can be provided to them. Hence, they will spend money in accordance to their card balance and will try to cut-off their extra unnecessary expenditures. So, providing them prepaid card instead of credit card is a much better option in order to make them aware about how to maintain budget.

You can get some cash backs also while you are making payment through vanilla visa prepaid card. One can get up to 5% of the total amount paid depending upon the shortlisted merchants and cash back provided by them. You can purchase products having the greater cost than the present balance but in that case you have to pay extra money via some other means. A person would be eligible to get cash backs until he is left with ten cents as 5% of this amount is less than a half of the cent.